Refugee-background communities want to be active participants in community development projects, policy development, and service delivery.

The resources on this page are designed to assist you in your research with refugee-background communities, to reduce demands on communities and to ensure that the outcomes of any research benefit communities.

ChangeMakers asks that you remember:

  • Work with former refugees, not 'on' us.

  • Respect us

  • Build on our strengths

  • Contribute to our wellbeing as individuals and communities

Recognise and accept that we former refugees come from a very wide range of countries, cultures and religions; that we come from a wide range of educational and employment backgrounds; that we have all suffered trauma; and that our experiences of settlement in New Zealand are varied.

If you have resources to add to this page, please let us know!

Guidelines for research with refugees in Aotearoa New Zealand (2009)
Author: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
ChangeMakers is often asked to take part in research and to link researchers with refugee communities. These guidelines can help you in your work and ensure that the outcomes of your research benefit refugee-background communities.

Lessons learned from participatory discrimination research: Long-term observations and local interventions (2007)
Authors:Guerin, B., Guerin, P.
University of South Australia
In this paper, the authors argue that racism and discrimination research has not used enough participatory and intensive methods.they argue that the commonly used cross-sectional methods have led to an emphasis on both abstract and generalizable theories and also on interventions that stress verbal increases in ‘cultural awareness’ and the like.Drawing on their long-term research with a refugee community, they present examples of subtle and everyday discriminations that would not be documented using questionnaires or even interview methodologies.

Research with refugee communities: Going around in circles with methodology (2007)
Authors: Guerin, B. & Guerin, P.
Publisher: University of South Australia
The authors of this paper have shown their experience in carrying out a community research with refugee. It explains effective methodologies in conducting community research.

Standards for engagement: Guidelines for central and local government, and NGOs working with refugee-background communities (2008)
Author: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
These guidelines are based on ChangeMakers' experiences and learnings from working with a wide range of agencies working in the resettlement area. The paper, which is also very useful for researchers, seeks to positively influence the way government agencies and NGOs engage with refugee-background communities.

You can’t clap with one hand: Learning’s to promote culturally grounded participatory action research with migrant and former refugee communities (2009)
Author: Collie,P., Kindon,S., Liu, J., Podsiadlowski, A.
Publisher: International Journal of Intercultural Relations
This paper considers how researchers can undertake culturally grounded participatory action research (PAR) with migrant and former refugee communities whose relational network, customs and social hierarchy are perceived to be under threat.