Persevere in adversity: Perceived religious discrimination and Islamic identity as predictors of psychological wellbeing in Muslim women in New Zealand (2009)
Author: Jasperse, M.
Masters Thesis: Victoria University of Wellington
This study investigates 1) the nature of religious discrimination experienced by Muslim women in New Zealand and 2) the influence of perceived religious discrimination and differing facets of Islamic identity (psychological, behavioural and visible) on the psychological wellbeing (life satisfaction and psychological symptoms) of 153 Muslim women.

Resettling the unsettled: The refugee journey of Arab Muslims to New Zealand (2009)
Author: Joudi Kadri, R.
Doctoral thesis: Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Arab Muslim refugees have specific concerns that are different to other refugee groups due to the major role Islam plays in the way Muslim people go about their lives, and due to the controversial image of Muslims in Western countries since the September 11th (USA) and July 7th (London) bombings. This research attempts to fill in some of these gaps by addressing the resettlement experiences of Arab Muslim refugees in New Zealand