The Living Condition of Christchurch Refugee Communities (2008)
Author: Ravenscroft, V.
Masters thesis: University of Canterbury
The survey detailed in this dissertation was undertaken in response to the Canterbury Refugee Council identifying the lack of comprehensive data available for refugee resettlement outcomes in Christchurch. The aim was to gain a better understanding of the living conditions experienced by the refugee community in Christchurch. The participants were from the four main refugee groups resettled over the past decade, namely people coming from Afghanistan, Kurdistan area, Ethiopian, Somalia and Eritrea.

The Housing Experiences of the Auckland Somali population and their impact on the resettlement process (2009)
Author: Adam, H. M.
Masters thesis: Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
This thesis examines the impact of the housing experiences of resettled refugees. It focuses on the housing experiences of the Auckland Somali resettled refugees and seeks to identify the effect of housing policy and provision in Auckland. It also demonstrates the links of housing to employment, education and health

Vulnerable migrant groups: A housing perspective (2004)
Author: Lilley, S.
Honours thesis: University of Canterbury
This report draws on the accounts of the Christchurch Somali population to examine the housing needs, wants and experiences of vulnerable migrant groups. This research is undertaken at a time when international literature concludes that migrant groups are one of the most vulnerable in society and emphasises the vital role that housing has in successful their successful settlement.