'People from refugee backgrounds can do the job.' refugee-background experiences of employment in Wellington (2012).
Author: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
Publisher: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
This research explores how employment contributes to the successful resettlement of people from refugee backgrounds. The report highlights the enabling factors as well barriers to successful employment for people from refugee-backgrounds. ChangeMakers Refugee Forum carried out focus groups and interviews with 17 people in employment from 11 different refugee-background communities in Wellington.

Somali woman's experiences in paid employment in New Zealand (2007)
Authors: Jelle, H.A., Guerin, P. & Dyer, S.
Publisher: New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations
Somali women migrants experience one of the highest rates of unemployment in Aotearoa New Zealand, yet some are employed. This research explores what small group of Somali women did to find and maintain paid employment. It also highlights some of the barriers that Somali women face when attempting to gain employment.

Supporting Refugee and Migrant report for the Tindall Foundation and ASB Community Trust (2007)
Author : Sue Elliott
Publisher : The Tindall Foundation and ASB Community Trust
This report was commissioned by the Tindall Foundation and ASB Community Trust to assist them take a more strategic approach in their grantmaking in support of the needs of refugee and migrants over the next three to five years.

Supporting refugee resettlement - Refugee employment programme - What have we learned so far? (2004)
Author: Sue Elliott
Publisher: J.R. McKenzie Trust
This is a report on the first two years of a three year programme by JK McKenzie Trust which aimed to support refugee resetlement in New Zealand through their innovative grants programme. The project aimed to increase refugee access to employment, promote sharing and collaboration within the sector, and between refugee resettlement organisations and other services. The project also aimed to identify and describe the factors that support refugees to gain and continue in employment in New Zealand.

The Employment of Immigrants in New Zealand The Attitudes, Policies, Practices and Experiences of Employers (2007)
Authour: North, N.
Publisher: New Settlers Programme, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Massey University

This survey conducted as part of the New Settlers Programme at Massey University aims to describe the characteristics of the immigrant workforce and the employing companies, the perspectives of employers, and to identify practices and policies of companies in relation to immigrant employees.

The Motivation to Migrate, Acculturation, and Finding Employment: The case for African migrants in New Zealand (2008)
Author: Udahemuka, M.
Masters thesis: Massey University
This research assesses potential facilitators of finding employment for the African migrants, rather than focusing on barriers to finding employment. Findings suggest that what motivates migrants to move is related to how they negotiate the intercultural contact. The study links two important migration phenomena, namely, motivational theory with acculturation theory for African migrants.

What skills do Somali refugees bring with them (2006)
Authors: Guerin, B., Guerin, P., Diirye, R.O., & Abdi, A.
Publisher: New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations
The aim of this paper is to gain a better understanding of why refugees have difficulties getting employment, and highlight many of the barriers to employment for refugees. Recommendations are proposed to help overcome these more subtle difficulties and form the basis for future research interventions.