African Youth Health and Wellbeing: Participatory Action Research Project (2005).
Authors: Evolve & Victoria University of Wellington
Postgraduate Research Report: Victoria University of Wellington
As part of the NZ Ministry of Social Development’s ‘Regional Refugee Health and Well-being Action Plan' Evolve was subcontracted by the Wellington Somali Council to carry out refugee youth consultation with African youth. Victoria University post-graduate students partnered with Evolve youth peer support workers of African descent to consult and engage with African youth. The report covers NZ Police and the legal system, sexual health and well-being, inter-generational tension and education.

Annotated bibliography of New Zealand literature on migrant and refugee youth (2008)
Author: Higgins, J.
Publisher: International Migration Settlement and Employment Dynamic (IMSED), Department of Labour
This annotated biography provides a comprehensive account of the current evidence on settlement and social inclusion as it relates to young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds in New Zealand. A key aim of the bibliography is the identification of factors that facilitate or act as barriers to the successful settlement and social inclusion of these young people.

Facing the past: Looking back at refugee childhood in New Zealand (1990)
Author: Beaglehole, A.
PhD thesis: Victoria University of Wellington
The experiences of child refugees and children of refugees from Hitler growing up in New Zealand in the period from the late 1930s to the end of the 1960s are the subject of this study. The study focuses, in particular, on two issues. First, the lingering legacy of Nazi persecution, whether it was experienced directly or indirectly by the children or their parents; second, the effects of growing up, often isolated from others of a similar background, in a monocultural country by and large free from overt anti-Semitism but intolerant of cultural differences.

Giving Voice to Refugee Youth - an exploratory study of education issue for Ethiopian, Somali, Eritrean, Iraqi and Oromo students in Wellington schools (2005).
Author: Sahele, S.
Publisher: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
This research aimed to provide an understanding of the issues and problems facing young refugee students in Wellington. The findings raise significant concerns about the integration of refugee students into New Zealand schools. The primary findings indicate that refugee students in Wellington are facing numerous barriers to learning and future employment.

Homework Club: Strengthening refugee achievement (2005)
Authors: Somali Council & Victoria University of Wellington
Postgraduate Research Report: Victoria University of Wellington
A Participatory Action Research Project by the Homework Club & Victoria University of Wellington research team. An assessment of the Wellington Homework Centre for refugee-background youth, run by Somali Council.

Identity and Community: Somali Children's Adjustments to Life in the Western World (2003)
Authors: Guerin, B., Guerin, P., Abdi, A, and Diriye R. O.
Publisher: University of Waikato and the Ministry of Education
This paper gives overview of what life is like for Somali children in Hamilton, New Zealand, especially the influence of western practices. From refugee camps in Kenya and elsewhere, most have been transported to New Zealand without much preparation and placed in a very different social and physical environment. Adapting and learning new ways to behave takes some time, and authors are observing some changes now that they believe can be made smoother.

Living in New Zealand - Congolese refugee families' aspirations for children and early childhood education (2010).
Authors: Mitchell, L and Ouko, A.
Publisher: Waikato University
This research focuses on Congolese refugee parents who came to New Zealand within the last 10 years. The study highlights the experiences of these refugee parents living in New Zealand and their views of education, especially early childhood education.

Migrant and refugee youth in New Zealand: Statistical profile, 1996 to 2007 (2009)
Author: Shorland, P.
Publisher: International Migration Settlement and Employment Dynamic (IMSED), Department of Labour
This report builds a profile of migrant and refugee youth (age 12-24 years) in New Zealand by analysing immigration approval data (1998 - 2007) and census data (1996, 2001, and 2006). Data is reported separately for two age groups: 12-17 years (school age) and 18-24 years (post school age).

Participatory Action Research with Assyrian youth (2005)
Authors: Armstrong, L., Leathers, A., Collie, P., Koshin, H., Blake, F., Markland, M., with Pithyov, P., & Eshow, E.
Postgraduate Research Report: Victoria University of Wellington
This report documents the experience of a group of Victoria University of Wellington researchers who started a Participatory Action Research project with the Assyrian youth community in Wellington. The report identifies issues and challenges that Assyrian youth face growing up in Aotearoa New Zealand. It covers barriers to education, transition to independence, transition between cultures, issues with parent-child relationships and services and support.

Refugee Children: Part of Aotearoa New Zealand's healthy future
Authors: Dobl, S., Kennedy, J., & Moran, S.
Families with a refugee background are part of a mix of people that make New Zealand a rich and diverse country. Many of these families include children. Addressing children’s health needs at the beginning of resettlement is an important component in enabling them to succeed. The team at Newtown Union Health Service (NUHS) provides one of the first contacts with New Zealand health services for newly arrived refugee children and their families to the South Wellington area.

Roskill/Albert refugee youth well-being project (2009)
Authors: Afghani, Somali and Ethiopian Communities in conjunction with Relationship Services and the Ministry of Social Development/Settling In
Publisher: Relationship Services and Ministry of Social Development/Settling In
This project was initiated by three local communities - Afghani, Somali and Ethiopian - who were concerned with low education, employment and social achievements by many of their young people. The project's goal was to support and assist refugee young people in the Mt Roskill and Mt Albert areas. Issues for young people and strategies to create change were identified out of a series of youth forum meetings. This report suggests a range of recommendations to support these young people.

Step for success: Exploring educational support for Somali secondary school students in Wellington (2008)
Authors: Burford, J., Hammonds, J., Kendyll, M., & Clark, S.
Postgraduate Research Report, Victoria University of Wellington
This report provides an overview of the literature surrounding refugee-background youth, the Wellington Somali ‘community’ and both regional and national strategies to support them.

"They are the reason we came": Investigating the provision of parenting support for Wellington's former refugee communities. A scoping study (2006)
Author: Ward, R.
Publisher: Refugee and Migrant Services
This report highlights an initiative RMS Refugee Resettlement Wellington undertook to assess the needs of refugee parents, and how parenting support can be made more accessible for these diverse communities. RMS teamed up with SKIP – a government programme that provide parenting information for parents and caregivers of children aged 0 to 5 years in order to carry out this project.

Victoria University of Wellington: Supporting refugee-background students to achieve their goals (2006)
Authors: Horner, C., Khan, S., & Paton, K.
Postgraduate Research Report, Victoria University of Wellington
A literature review and analysis from participatory action research undertaken with refugee-background students and service providers. It examines what helps - and what hinders - students from achieving their goals, and canvasses services available that support refugee-background students.

Wellington Refugee Youth Issues Summary (2010)
Authors: Johnstone, T and Kimani M.
Publisher: ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
This is a backgrounder for government and NGOs working with refugee background youth.This joint research by ChangeMakers Refugee Forum and Refugee As Survivors Trust summaries refugee-background youth issues as researched over the last five years and it is a starting point for action on the issues.