We hope this index provides a comprehensive list of organisations providing services and/or support to refugee-background communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Please email us to add your organisation to this list.

Auckland Refugee Community Coalition advocates for refugee community voices and promotes sustainable integrated refugee resettlement programmes.

Auckland Refugee Council Inc. works to: monitor refugee and asylum issues in Auckland and Aotearoa New Zealand; advise government on national and regional policies on matters affecting refugees; provide support; and advocate for improvements of services to refugees.

Auckland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trustis a non-profit organisation which supports migrants, refugees and returning kiwis to settle successfully in the Auckland Region. ARMS offers workshops, mentoring programmes, and language support.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service: Refugee Health Service is part of the Auckland Regional Public Health Service. The Refugee Health Service works in partnership with many health providers and communities to provide culturally appropriate and acceptable care. The service provides information, education, communicable diseases control, health prevention and health promotion. The website provides information on health and wellbeing for refugees in New Zealand and internationally.

CAB Language Link is a charitable organisation and a branch of the New Zealand Association of Citizens Advice Bureau Inc. This service ensures language need not be a barrier to people who lack confidence or skills in English or for those seeking assistance with settlement into New Zealand. Language Link provides free and confidential information and advice, interpreting support and advocacy for migrants and refugees in 26 languages. Information and advocacy is provided on a range of settlement needs, including immigration, employment, housing, income support, education and training, health, family issues and counselling.

ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is a human rights organisation supporting refugee-background communities in New Zealand.

Christchurch Resettlement Services provides social work, counselling, information and advice, health promotion and literacy classes to people from refugee and migrant backgrounds that come to live in Christchurch.

English Language Partners is a community-based organisation helping refugees and migrants to learn English, look for employment and settle into New Zealand life. Trained tutors work one to one with a learner in their home and at Social English Groups in the community. English Language Partners also offers a Job Mentoring Service for skilled migrant and refugee job seekers from non English speaking backgrounds.

ESOL Assessment and Access Specialist Service provides former refugees specialist assessment and feedback around issues like long term goals, language needs, information on services to help with career planning, job searching, orientation to New Zealand, and help in making appointments with providers and services. It is available in Auckland, Manukau, Waikato, Wellington, the Hutt Valley, and Christchurch.

Interpreting New Zealand provides interpreting or 'spoken translation' to support effective communications between non-English speakers and government agencies or private businesses.

Multicultural Learning and Support Services provides refugees and migrants with English learning opportunities (Wellington) and support with career planning and job-finding (Wellington, Porirua and Hutt Valley).

Multicultural Services Centre(MSC) is a "one-stop-shop" providing support to refugee and migrant communities in Wellington. The MSC is home to Refugee Services Aotearoa, English Language Partners, MCLaSS, Wellington Refugees as Survivors Trust, Interpreting Wellington, & ChangeMakers.

National Refugee Network is a national network of organisations representing former refugees living in New Zealand. The purpose of the network is to share information and promote a shared voice on issues of common concern.

Office of Ethnic Affairs Community Directorylists local and national government agencies and organisations in Aotearoa New Zealand that work with ethnic communities, families and individuals, including refugee-background communities.

Refugee Council of New Zealand Incorporated works to establish a refugee community engagement framework from grassroots to regional level. It advocates for the improvement of services, and works to unite and strengthen refugee communities. The Coalition has regular inter-community meetings to identify key settlement issues and address these to local agencies.

Refugee Family Reunification Trust financially assists refugees in Wellington applying to bring immediate family members to join them in New Zealand. Money raised is used exclusively to help refugees pay for the expenses directly related to bringing family members from refugee situations.

Refugee Services Aotearoa provides a range of services to assist refugees in adjusting to life in Aotearoa New Zealand. Services include: pre-arrival planning; on-arrival assessment; community placement; crisis intervention and home-based family support programmes; community orientation; and advice, information and advocacy.

Refugees as Survivors NZ (RASNZ) provides mental health services, including assessment, treatment and follow-up to address pre and post migration stress, and assist healing from experiences of trauma or torture. RASNZ also provides health education and primary prevention services to address key needs of safety and well-being.

RILASis a free legal advice service run by the Wellington Community Law Centre to respond to the difficulties refugees, migrants and community workers experience dealing with immigration matters. Volunteers deal with inquiries relating to all aspects of immigration law and policy and are usually involved in ongoing advocacy for clients with family reunification matters.

Settling In: Refugee and migrant social servicesis a community-based initiative that helps migrants and refugees become a valued and connected part of their community. It operates in eleven locations across Aotearoa New Zealand. Coordinators work with local communities to: bring together local information about refugee and migrant families and communities; identify any gaps in services; build confidence and capability within refugee and migrant communities; find collaborative local solutions to improve the settlement experiences of migrants and refugees.

Wellington Refugees as Survivors Trust (RAS) provides mental health services, support, advocacy, and capacity-building for refugees and their families and helps them resettle in Aotearoa New Zealand.